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.357/.356 93gn Meat Punch

.357/.356 93gn Meat Punch

SKU: 357MP93

For a 100 count pack of the .357/.356 "Meat Punch". Vacuum packed for 100% damge free shipping.

Ataman prefers this round sized to .356 so please be sure what diameter you need. .357 will be sent unless specified.

This large mouth hollow point round is custom made to be universally magazine compatible.

Fits all .357 magazines.

Designed in direct collaboration with @airgunner.usa Instagram. We specifically created this round to the specifications of his Ataman M2R pinwheel magazine. The Ataman pinwheel magazine is notorious for not holding slugs well or at all.

The precision placement of the groove in this round snaps into the O-ring retainer band like a dream. Excellent accuracy combined with vicious take down power for such a light hollow point. Do not underestimate this cute little slug.

Airgunner.usa made quick work of a medium size deer with this round at 30+ yards with a single shot double lung heart combo punch for a instant dirt nap grocery trip !

Check out this round and other outstanding content on his Instagram @airgunner.usa

You will not be disappointed !

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