"Sniper X7" .357 118gn

"Sniper X7" .357 118gn

SKU: 357SX7118

Welcome the "Sniper X7" slug. As originally tested, thoroughly reviewed and named "signature slug" by the one and only "Afro Sniper X" . A true airgun enthusiast, reviewer, tester, and awesome friend and member of the airgun community. Check out his amazing content on YouTube. Please support the airgun community. We ask you to subscribe to, comment, and share his channel https://youtube.com/channel/UCWHA2rRedd_xAyj-aPtstYg

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For a 64 count pack of .357 118gn Sniper X7 true dual action slugs, these hardened steel core slugs have great expansion and superior penetration all in one amazing package. These are extreme hunting slugs and a truly one of a kind exclusive design not found anywhere else. The press inserted Rockwell 55 hardened steel core sits recessed in a hollow cavity allowing the slug to flower open like a hollow point while the steel core continues forward. These slugs are hand cast, cores pressed, precision die sized, sorted, washed and vaccuum packaged for the highest quality possible slug.

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